Yaiza Canopoli is a Content Writer and Features Editor who specialises in interior design, literature, arts and culture.She's Italian by heritage, was born in Germany, lived in Spain for six years, got a BA in English Literature in the UK, and finally moved to Singapore in 2019, where she is now based. She's fluent in English, German, Italian and Spanish.She's currently the full-time Features Editor for SquareRooms and also writes about arts and culture on the side. Most notably, her articles have appeared in SquareRooms, DIVA Magazine, Arts Republic, IdealHomes, d+a and Singapore Review of Books.She's worked with brands such as Dyson, KING, Cosentino, dormiente, mc.2, Samsung and hansgrohe. Beyond that, she's interviewed a variety of influencers and artists, including award-winning writer Marylyn Tan.You'll sporadically find her dipping her toes into creative writing as well. Her short stories and poems have been published by Math Paper Press, The Signal House Edition and Egg Box.

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A monthly interior design magazine featuring inspiration, ideas and solutions. Yaiza started out as an intern, progressed to a full-time writer and took on the role of Features Editor in April 2021.


IdealHomes and Key to Your Home are the two annual specials published alongside SquareRooms. Yaiza produced Key to Your Home 2021 in the role of Associate Editor and IdealHomes 2021 + Key to Your Home 2022 as a Features Editor.

The Queer Review

The Queer Review was a student-run, queer literary magazine at the University of East Anglia between 2018 and 2019, founded by Yaiza Canopoli and Beverly Anne Devakishen.It was shortlisted for Best Specialist Publication by the Student Publication Awards in 2019. The magazine also has its own website, hand-coded by Yaiza and a few other undergraduate students as part of a beginner’s coding course.